About Us

All trucks and office photoJack Olmstead and Hilary Ridgway Olmstead began Olmstead Pest Control in 1981 as a structural pest control company. The company was born in the same year as their first daughter, Carrie. In fact, the first spray rig was purchased on the day of her birth, the ultimate example of multi-tasking!

With one truck, Olmstead Pest Control specialized in flea and ant control. The company soon branched out into landscape pest control.

Olmstead Pest Control became incorporated as Plant-Tek, Inc in 1987. Along with the incorporation was the change in emphasis from structural & landscape pest control to a strictly landscape pest control company.

Plant-Tek, Inc now has a fleet of 5 trucks with state of the art spray rig equipment. One of our trucks is specialized with a boom sprayer for weed control in large areas.

Jack Olmstead retired from the company in 2013. Hilary Ridgway continues to provide landscape pest control services as the company has since 1981.